Saturday, November 20, 2010

Comfort Food - Part I

I've been sick for the better part of this week, feeling pretty cruddy and not much like doing anything.  My kitchen is feeling neglected!  

What better to make when sick than comfort foods?!  I have a few that I like to make when it gets cold, or I'm feeling nostalgic or something.  This first one is probably a weird one to crave when sick, but it's what I've wanted all week.  I finally made it for lunch yesterday.  This isn't really a "recipe" but more of a guideline (I am so much more a baker than a cook -- I don't follow recipes or measure anything when cooking, sorry!).  I have been congested and stuffy, so I wanted something I could actually TASTE!

This is a different Taco Salad, but it's my favorite way to make it!

Isn't it pretty?
I made my own pico de gallo (recipe to follow)
and I mix my Ranch dressing up so it's a little spicy:

(I just add some taco seasoning to my ranch dressing...once I deplete this huge container of pre-made taco seasoning, I'm going to make my own from scratch.  I hear it's very good)

Taco Salad Recipe:

Ground turkey, browned and mixed with taco seasoning
Lettuce of your choosing
Shredded cheese
Pico de gallo
Ranch dressing mixed with taco seasoning
Tortilla chips or Doritos

I make a bed of lettuce on a plate, then layer on my cheese, meat and pico.  Drizzle dressing over top, then crush chips on top.  It's really very easy, and it's soooooo yummy!  Especially when I'm sick, and I just need something easy and yummy.

Pico de Gallo Recipe:
4 Roma Tomatoes, diced
1 small onion, diced (I like red)
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 jalapeno, seeds removed, diced finely
fresh cilantro

Mix all together and cover tightly.  Keep refrigerated.

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