Saturday, February 5, 2011

Countdown to Valentines Day ~ Peanut Butter Blossoms...sort of

Day 4 of Sweets for my Sweet ♥

OK.  Today was not a gourmet day for me.  It wasn't even a homemade day for me.  Tomorrow won't be either.  But that doesn't mean I can't come up with tasty treats that are perfect for sharing with your loves.  

Today, I'm doing a "cheater" version of peanut butter blossoms (you know, the cookies that usually have a chocolate kiss stuck on top?).  While I do have a favorite peanut butter cookie recipe or two -- have you all tried the 3 ingredient recipe? -- today I went with "premade."  As in, I had refrigerated cookie dough, already portioned for me, that I used.  And it was a GOOD kind:

And I added a little of this (I LOVE this stuff SO MUCH!!):

And to top it off (literally), some of these:

So easy, and so delicious!  Simply take your dough, roll it into a ball, coat with raw sugar, place on cookie sheet and bake 10-13 minutes at 350 (depending on the size of your cookies).  Do not flatten the cookies before baking!  When you remove from the oven, immediately press one unwrapped Dove heart shaped chocolate in the center of each cookie.  Let sit a couple minutes before removing to a wire wrack to cool completely.

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